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April 2020

EpiGraphDB v0.3.0

EpiGraphDB platform is now v0.3.0!

Graph database (API, and R package have been adapted the corresponding changes):

  • Changed
  • Added
    • Literature nodes expanded and have extra properties from SemMedDB - backwards compatible as v0.2 pubmed_id property still exists
    • SemMedDB data - SemmedTriple, SemmedTerm nodes
    • MELODI literature enrichments
    • Gwas-EFO via NLP
    • Polygenic Risk Scores
    • Ben Neale genetic correlation data
  • Removed
    • EKDRD data
    • MeSH data
    • Old EFO relationships
    • In house genetic correlation data (top SNPs)

The web UI ( has been refactored with a fresh new look.

August 2019

July 2019

  • v0.2 beta release for web application, API, and R package


  • Pilot version